Spirotech-SRD awarded the contract to supply new storage silo for Walcon Marine.

Spirotech-SRD recently supplied a replacement mild steel, 25te capacity storage silo to handle cement at the Walcon Marine complex. The Spirotech designed and manufactured storage silo replaced an existing silo, which was over 30 years old and had become structurally unsafe due to excessive corrosion.

Storage silo in place ready for Ground Level Equipment installation

As part of the replacement package Spirotech offered new additional features such as it’s ground level testing facility, designed to allow the pressure relief valve, high level probe and pressure sensor (which are all fitted to the silo roof) to be tested from ground level via a new silo filling control panel. And to provide more accurate level measurement in the silo, an electronic loadcell weighing system was provided.

Full turnkey solution

Spirotech provided a full turnkey solution including design, project management, manufacture, delivery, mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning. Several weeks before the work commenced a visit to Walcon Marine was arranged to assess lifting and the removal of the old silo from the site. A thorough detailed lifting plan was produced, meeting all aspects of BS7121 The Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Cranes and LOLER The Lifting Equipment and Lifting Equipment Regulations, along with a method statement, risk assessment and project plan.

Removal of redundant storage silo

Once on site Spirotech ensured that all the existing electrical and pneumatic connections were isolated and disconnected from the redundant silo. The silo was then unbolted and lifted free from the support structure below and lowered to the ground. The use of a second crane lifted the silo to a horizontal position and then lowered the redundant silo onto the back of a vehicle for removal from the site. As space was at a premium Spirotech’s project plan detailed the arrival of the new silo to follow the removal of the old redundant plant.

replacement storage siloExisting electrical and pneumatic connections were isolated and disconnected from the redundant silo

Removal of silo - Spirotech-SRD

replacement storage silo

replacement storage silo
replacement storage siloRedundant silo is carefully lifted from support structure and loaded onto transporter.

Installation of new storage silo

As soon as the new silo arrived, and with the existing support structure dressed clean, it was lifted free of the vehicle to a vertical position. The silo was then lifted and lowered into position on to the existing structure and bolted secure. The silo ancillaries and Ground Level Equipment were then installed, electrical cables run and all the components electrically wired and pneumatically connected. The silo was then filled and the operation of the Silo Fill Panel was demonstrated to the client.

Delivery of silo for cement storage - Spirotech-SRD

replacement storage silo

replacement storage silo

replacement storage silo

Silo installation service by Spirotech-SRDNew silo lifted into position and silo ancillaries and Ground Level Equipment installed.

The actual works was completed within a 3½ day site window reducing the customers down time to a minimum.

For more information about Spirotech’s storage silos call Spirotech on +44 (0)1487 832053 or email sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk    

Storage silo installation