Spirotech Group supply various types of pipework for different applications

Spirotech work to coded welding approvals and produce fabricated pipework for a variety of applications in a selection of different materials.

Coded Pipework

We supply prefabricated pipework in carbon and stainless steel, duplex, hastelloy and cunifer. Typical applications would be pipe spools, jacketed pipework or screwed pipework.

Hygienic Pipework

Fabricated in thin wall stainless steel tube with varying degrees of surface and internal finishes using orbital or manual tungsten inert gas techniques. Typical applications would be processed pipework systems incorporating purified water, WFI, SCIP, high pur.

Utility Pipework

For a wide variety of applications in carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, ABS, UPVC, PTFE or copper.

Mechanical Pipework

Fabrication and installation of all utility pipework (coded welders). Typical applications being pipework systems for all industries, tubular structures, hand rails, factory services pipework including water, steam, condensate, glycol and chilled water & primary refrigerants.

Quality control

We offer a variety of quality documentation i.e. full weld traceability, welder certification, material certification, PH testing, non destructive metrology testing, pressure testing and as built drawings. See Quality Assurance and Metrology for more information on quality documentation standards.

Coded welding approvals:

  • EN ISO 15614-1 Welding Procedures
  • EN 287 Pt.1 Welders Qualifications
  • ASME IX Welding Procedures and Welders Qualifications