Spirotech’s high build quality screw conveyor systems are tailor-made for many types of “product processing” across a wide variety of markets.

Spirotech’s range of canted flight screw conveyors

Canted flight screw conveyors – less moving parts, less maintenance

The latest development from the design and engineering team is our new range of canted flight screw conveyors which are capable of moving many products –  especially friable materials. This makes it a very good alternative to bucket elevators or flexible conveyors with far less moving parts to worry about and requiring far less maintenance.

spirotech-canted-flight-01Canted flights produced in-house

Canted flight screw conveyors – lower speeds, less damage

Many screw conveyors running at steep angles are at very high speeds which can cause damage to materials been conveyed, by using the canted flight this is run at much slower speeds thus causing little or no damage to the product at all.

Canted flight screw conveyors - Spirotech-SRD GroupSpirotech’s demonstration canted flight screw conveyor

Canted flight screw conveyors – smaller footprint, less wasted space

Canted flight screw conveyors are useful for all industries that convey products through a normal screw conveyor but the additional advantage of this system is that the steeper angle allows products to be transported almost vertically via equipment that will take up much less overall floor space. The canted screw flights can be produced up to 1500mm in diameter and  to varying lengths dependant on the materials being transported.

Gallery of Spirotech’s demonstration canted flight screw conveyors

Free product trials

Why not let us show you our new canted flight screw conveyor in action, we would be happy to perform trials with any of your products which you feel may benefit from this new system. Please contact us for further details.