Revolution Waste Compactor – The Technology

The Spirotech Group Revolution Waste Compactor is powered by an energy efficient drive incorporating a specially designed screw system. Material is squeezed and twisted past a cutter plate before entering a unique compaction chamber that progressively reduces the volume of waste. The waste is then extruded through a self adjusting nozzle in the form of a dense plug and can be discharged into any type of bin or container. Since the plug will not re-expand, it can be extruded and sealed in polythene sausage wrap.

compactor-external-02aRevolution 2000 series waste compactor

Waste Compactor Revolution 400 - Spirotech-SRDRevolution 400 series waste compactor

The Revolution Waste Compactor technology overcomes many of its competitors weaknesses, typically achieving higher compaction ratios of 15:1 on mixed general waste and up to 60:1 on certain homogeneous waste streams.

Conventional ram compactors operate by forcing waste into and against the end of the bin, only beginning to compact the waste when the bin is around 80% full. This can result in material springing back to near its normal volume when the compaction pressure is released. Revolution destroys the memory of the product, reducing compaction loads on the bin or waste container and allowing easy emptying.

Waste compactor - Spirotech-SRDNot just a compactor but a waste handling revolution

The Revolution Waste Compactor is fully programmable to suit varying waste streams and throughput to maximise efficiency and minimise time and costs. Data logging and modem communication allow simple and optimum management of the Revolution.


  • Unique screw design
  • Compacts almost any compressible material
  • Fast throughput
  • Compaction ratio up to 60:1
  • Liquid reclaim
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Robust proven design


  • Saves space and labour
  • Saves money through optimisation of loads
  • Can be incorporated into on-line processing
  • Failsafe devices allow unmanned operation
  • Quiet in operation
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient

Watch the video of the Revolution in action

Spirotech Group produce a range of waste compactors for a variety of industries.
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Revolution Waste Compactor – Applications

Dry Waste

Revolution is particularly effective in reducing the volume of hazardous and non-hazardous mixed general waste. The twisting and shearing action of Revolution destroys the waste materials’ memory, preventing it from re-expanding. High compaction efficiency dramatically increases the weight achievable in waste bins and thus reduces waste transportation costs.

Wet Waste

Revolution technology is capable of removing liquid from various containers, including HDPE and PET bottles, tetrapaks, metal tins and drums. Unlike conventional compactors this liquid can easily be reclaimed for recycling or disposal. Liquid removal also reduces the weight of the material to be transported to landfill, eliminating the problems and the penalties associated with wet waste at landfill sites. Read more about the 400 Series Sludge dewatering compactor.

Spirotech Group waste compactorsSpirotech’s 400 Series Sludge Dewatering Compactor at the 2015 ADBA exhibition at the NEC

Waste to Energy

Revolution allows processing and extrusion directly into thermal recycling and energy plants. The patented design extrudes material without allowing ingress of air and can be fully sealed and integrated into the thermal plant.


Revolution customers process and densify material to ease handling and transportation. Batch processing and segregation can also provide material in a form that is optimised for the recycler, further reducing costs to the customer.

Secure Product Destruction

Revolution can be used at the point of waste production to destroy confidential material and components, or contraband. Most businesses or agencies with a need to render material unusable or unrecognisable can use Revolution. The technology avoids the need for costly deep burial and ensures material does not reappear on the black market. The Revolution is therefore ideally suited to pharmaceutical, automotive and consumable markets.

Revolution Waste Compactor – Benefits

Waste Processors Performance

  • Compacts almost any compressible material
  • Compaction performance up to 60:1 (dependant on waste)
  • Over six times greater compaction than standard machines

Liquid Extraction

  • Extracts typically 98% liquid content from most types of packaging
  • Option for all liquid to be diverted to suitable drain
  • Liquid reclamation option available

Secure Destruction

Revolution can be used at the point of waste production to destroy confidential material, sub-standard products and contraband. Most businesses or agencies with requirement to destroy material and products or render them completely unrecognisable can use Revolution.
The technology avoids the need for costly deep burial and ensures material does not reappear on the black market. Revolution is ideally suited to the secure destruction of products typically produced by pharmaceutical, automotive, food and consumable markets.

Site Environmental

  • Revolution is quiet in operation (below 65 decibels)
  • Fewer uplifts on site reduces problems associated with the collection of waste and vehicle movement
  • Use of smaller containers greatly reduces noise pollution and other problems with waste uplifts
  • Visual appearance and tidiness of waste area improved
  • Revolution allows customers to comply more easily with new landfill legislation
  • Liquid reclamation option available
  • Weight and volume of material for landfill can be greatly reduced


  • Revolution can be custom designed to suit specific requirements
  • Patented hydraulic free system helps keep maintenance to a minimum

Revolution Waste Compactor – Cost savings

Cost savings : uplifts

  • Saves money via load optimisation – volume is reduced and weight in waste containers is increased, often dramatically, resulting in greatly reduced uplifts. Waste collections are fewer and more efficient.

Cost savings: labour

  • Secondary handling of waste/material is eliminated – Revolution automatically processes, compacts and discharges into the container.
  • Staff are released to other tasks and the cost of labour required to handle material and clean waste handling is greatly reduced.

Cost savings: space and consumables

  • Reduced number of bins/storage required to store densified waste
  • Reduced number of bin rentals
  • Less cleaning and storage space is required
  • Smaller waste container systems can sometimes be used with Revolution e.g. 1100 Euro bins
  • No additional bags/sacks are required to hold compacted waste

Revolution Waste Compactor – Health and safety

  • Failsafe devices include automatic shutdown procedures and simple safety stray-up sequence
  • Mains isolator, hopper lid and start switch are all lockable
  • Revolution facilitates easy emptying of containers
  • Minimal contact with waste helps compliance with Health and Safety regulations
  • Automatic wash down and deodoriser options clean unit and can be programmed to suit shift patterns (this also reduces time required for cleaning)
  • Message display informs operator of machine status
  • Data logging facility provides operational history of machine
  • Clean, safe and easy to operate
  • Popular with staff, minimal training required.

Site hygiene

  • Once emptied into hopper, litter is eliminated
  • Revolution eliminates the need for stored/bagged waste. All compacted waste is either discharged directly into the waste container or into hygienic polythene sausage wrap
  • The waste area remains clean and tidy
  • Pest/rodent problems are reduced or eliminated

General environment

  • The densely extruded material format is ideal for the recycler
  • Liquid reclamation and recycling options are available
  • Weight and/or volume of material for landfill can be greatly reduced
  • Energy efficient motors enable enhanced capital allowances to be claimed

Revolution Waste Compactor – Performance

Waste compactor - Spirotech-SRDCompaction performance up to 60:1

  • Compacts almost any compressible material
  • Compaction performance up to 60:1
  • High throughput – 200 model can process 210 cu. Meters of material per hour
  • 2500 pallet model processes over 100 empty pallets per hour
  • Extracts typically over 98% liquid content from most types of packaging

Revolution Waste Compactor – Special applications

  • Secure product destruction is guaranteed
  • Stainless Steel (CIP) model for food and drinks industries
  • Waste to energy model allows processing and extrusion directly into thermal plant

Revolution Waste Compactor – Waste stream evaluation

Spirotech offers potential customers a range of services including evaluation of current waste handling regimes, on-site surveys and product specific trials. Trial results are analysed in order to demonstrate the financial savings you will achieve with Revolution

After providing a CAD generated drawing of your application for your approval Spirotech will install, commission and train your operators.

Revolution Waste Compactor – Waste Compactor Hire

Spirotech Group also offer long/short term hire on range Revolution machines. Hire includes delivery, installation and training. For further information and hire rate please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling +44 (0)1487 832 053 or by email to



Spirotech ET2 Compactor Brochure
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Revolution Compactor User Manual - Spirotech-SRD
Download the Installation, Operating & Maintenance Instruction Manual for the Spirotech Group Revolution Waste Compactor.