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Design and manufacture of storage silos – Spirotech Group Ltd has an outstanding record of fabricating and constructing steel silos for both raw material and liquid storage. We manufacture robust, high-performance silos to suit all types and quantities of material and can design and manufacture to the specific requirements of your process.

Silo installation - Spirotech-SRD Group

5m silo design and manufacture

We have designed, fabricated and constructed silos for all the major industries and our experience in the bulk storage market places us as the leading fabricator in this field. Many silos are often designed to fit within confined areas of operating sites, in these cases, jacking construction techniques can be utilised to allow for safe construction at low level.

Installation of new silo into confined areaInstallation of silo assembly into confined area

Versatile silos to meet your requirements

We can develop silos to store everything from foodstuffs and volatile chemicals to fine powders, fibrous materials or cohesive products. In addition, we offer a range of standard silo sizes in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to fabricate complete, ready-to-install storage vessels up to 4 metres in diameter.

Installation of ‘ready-to-install’ silo.

Site-built silos – for larger capacities

Uniquely, we can also manufacture much larger silos – up to 15 metres in diameter – in sections for ease of transportation. These site-built silos are assembled into the final storage vessel once on site. They provide a storage capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes.

Our silos are available in capacities to suit your needs, from as little as 10m3 up to 2,500m3. All our silos are designed in accordance with the latest BSI, ISO, DIN and VDI standards, where appropriate. We can supply silos suitable for storing all types of bulk material, including potentially explosive or hazardous products. All silos are fully compatible with our complete range of dischargers, conveyors and ancillary equipment, such as filters and safety systems.

Standard stainless steel silos

The standard stainless steel silos, for installation on a flat horizontal pad for either internal or external location, offer dependable and economical product storage solutions. Standard sizes range from 5,000 to 70,000 gallons and can be customised to your specifications.

Installation of new silo for storage of dry cement - Spirotech-SRDStandard stainless steel silos

Variety of exterior finishes

A variety of exterior finishes are offered including stainless steel wrap (either light gauge lapped or heavy gauge all welded), or the lower cost painted carbon steel outer shell. The silo base is a proven and unique design incorporating a series of Z rails that give unequalled support of the base of the product vessel to ensure long life of the entire structure.

Spirotech offer a variety of stainless steel silos including:

  • Heat transfer jacket according to the thermal duty and media available (glycol, ammonia, water)
  • Options for electric trace heating for temperature maintenance applications
  • Conventional spray down CIP or specially designed spray-up CIP system
  • Vertical or horizontal agitation
  • Cone bottom skirt supported design (often used in corn syrup or sugar applications)

Maintenance programmes

Spirotech’s experienced and fully trained engineers can carry out scheduled maintenance programmes which are designed to fit in with your production schedules and with minimum disruption to your plant.

Read more about our maintenance programmes.

Gallery of completed silo projects

Video of recent silo loading operation

Video of silo assembly being loaded for delivery to North East client