Spirotech Group’s specific design solutions and high-end manufacturing are much in demand by a wide range of worldwide markets, from storage tanks for food and drink consumption through to safety critical components for the aerospace industry.

Spirotech markets - Agriculture


Spirotech has been supplying the agricultural industry for 25 years. Our products have been solving specific problems; moving and storing bulk soilds, liquids and waste.

Spirotech markets - Food and beverage

Food & Beverage

We have a long and close association with the food & beverage industry. Our products are tried, tested and trusted with the leading market players.

Spirotech markets - Water industry

Water Industry

A precious utility that is under increasing pressure, both from consumers and government. Spirotech has used its extensive design expertise to develop products targeted at reducing waste in the water industry.

Spirotech markets - Petrochemicals


Highly complex, safety critical. Oil & gas is an unforgiving industry. An industry that chooses Spirotech time-and-again because of our quality and absolute commitment to excellence.

Spirotech markets - Pharmaceuticals


Standards-compliant, clean-environments need consistant quality and repeatablity. The very high standards demanded by the pharmaceutical industry have helped to push us to the forefront of systems, methods and design.

Spirotech markets - Aerospace industry


Aerospace is an industry where you ‘live and die’ by your products. Standards compliant at every stage of the process, with robust systems and full-traceability, Spirotech are the natural choice.

Spirotech markets - Chemicals


Spirotech Group products are widely used in the chemical industry and manufactured to the highest level using the latest advanced technology to ensure all products are corrosion and abrasion resistant, therefore giving our clients complete peace of mind.