UK-based Spirotech Group Ltd are global leaders in the design, manufacture and delivery of industrial vessels, screw conveyers, elevators, feeders, dischargers and de-watering systems for the most demanding commercial environments worldwide.

Bulk Materials Handling

Spirotech-SRD Bulk Handling products

Bespoke materials handling is our speciality where an engineered solution is necessary. Read more

Pressure Vessels

Spirotech pressure vessel design and manufacture

Spirotech Group has been a leading manufacturer of pressure vessels and chemical holding tanks for over 30 years. Read more

Tanks & Silos

Spirotech tanks and silos

Spriotech Group is able to provide our customers with PD5500, ASME Pressure Vessels designed and fabricated. Read more


Spirotech pipework manufacture

We supply prefabricated pipework in carbon and stainless steel, duplex, hastelloy and cunifer. Read more

Refrigeration Plant

Spirotech refrigeration products

Spirotech Group have been designing, manufacturing and installing refrigeration plant since 1990. Read more

Waste Compactors

Waste compactor - Spirotech-SRD Group

Spirotech’s Revolution Waste Compactor can achieve compaction ratios of up to 60:1. Read more

Stock Items

Spirotech stock products

We have a range of our most popular equipment in stock as well as fully re-furbished units. Read more

Screw Flight Press

Spirotech-SRD Screw Flight Press

Spirotech Group offer screw flights up to 1600mm diameter in 30mm thick material. Read more

General Fabrication

Spirotech general fabrication

Spirotech Group offer a general service that can encompass a full design and fabrication or just a simple laser cut component. Read more

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor

Spirotech Group can meet all requirements for belt conveyors. Read more

Bins, Hoppers, Mix Tanks

Bins, hoppers and mix tanks

Spirotech Group design and build hoppers and product bins to customer specification. Read more

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevator

Spirotech Group can manufacture a bucket elevator designed to suit your specific requirements. Read more

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors

Spirotech Group can meet all requirements for chain conveyors. Read more

Multi Screw Bin Dischargers

Multi screw bin dischargers

Spirotech’s multi screw bin dischargers help maximise the cross sectional area of a vessel. Read more



Spirotech Group can specify and supply all types of valves. Read more

Vertical Mixers

Vertical mixers

Spirotech supply mixers for all types of applications and industries including building, food and chemical. Read more

Vibratory Systems

Live bins and Vibratory Systems

Spirotech supply live bins and vibrating bin activators or fully fluidised cone assemblies. Read more