Spirotech Group Ltd supply live bins which include small hopper assemblies with vibrating bin activators or fully fluidised cone assemblies.

Promote self emptying of hopper

The fluidised cone helps to promote self emptying of the hopper especially with particularly cohesive products. A fluidised membrane is installed in the cone, which can be either a full piece cone membrane or large aeration pads equally spaced around the internal cone of the vessel which is fed with a low pressure clean dry air supply. This perculates through the material and promotes improved flow from the vessel.

More efficient flow

Vibrating bin activators can be supplied for small hoppers and larger silos and can in most cases be easily retrofitted onto existing vessels. On traditional silo outlets the products stored in the lower cone area can become compacted under the weight of material above causing a reduced flow from the vessel. A vibrating bin activator with internal baffle assembly spreads the material load and removes the compacted area which occurs on a standard cone outlet, thus promoting a more efficient flow from the silo.

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