Screw conveyor design – Spirotech Group Ltd design complete screw conveyor systems

Spirotech Group Ltd has been designing screw conveyors since the company’s inception in 1979. As one of its foremost products Spirotech has strived to deliver a better quality product and service than its many competitors. With the recent acquisition of a flight press system that produces full 360 degree flights up to 1600mm diameter, and with a new York-based spares and service centre on call 24/7, Spirotech now design and supply screw conveyors to major players worldwide.

Screw conveyor for chemicals company in IndonesiaScrew conveyor design and build for chemicals company in Indonesia

Railed screw conveyor designRailed screw conveyor design

Screw conveyor design of ATEX compliant biomass dust screw conveyorsATEX compliant biomass dust screw conveyors

Stainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyorStainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyor for customer in United States

Tailor-made screw conveyors by Spirotech

Ideal for both light and heavy usage, Spirotech’s screw conveyor systems are designed and tailor-made for many types of product processing across a wide variety of markets. Spirotech’s screw conveyor Design & Production team have extensive knowledge with regard to the characteristics of materials and their properties, and design efficient and cost-effective screw conveyors to suit individual requirements. High build quality coupled with Spirotech’s own commitment to high standards of design and production ensure a top quality experience for its customers – from initial consultations through a thorough design process, testing of materials and systems to delivering the final product on time and always to budget.

Why Spirotech’s screw conveyor design gives your company the advantage:

  • Spirotech have over 30 years experience of designing screw conveyors
  • All Spirotech’s screw convertors are designed to be fully conversant with all of the standards required
  • Spirotech have a complete in-house design team
  • High quality, accurate in-house screw flight pressing and production

Overview of the Spirotech screw flight pressing service.

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