Spirotech-SRD Group recently exhibited their latest 400 Series Sludge Dewatering Compactor at the 2105 ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association) Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.

400 Series Sludge dewatering compactor Spirotech’s 400 Series Sludge Dewatering Compactor at the 2105 ADBA exhibition at the NEC

The 400 series is a multi task reduction compactor that dewaters wastes etc as it compacts. In some instances it can reduce the volume by 60:1.

Products handled by the 400 Series Sludge Dewatering Compactor include:

  • Sludge
  • Plastic bottles, metal cans etc
  • Food stuffs
  • General waste
  • Bagged waste
  • Bio plant

Available in a variety of guises including CIP and hygenic, these machines actively reduce the volume of all waste and allow customers to save considerable money on skip hire & transport costs.

Contact David Gadsby on 01487 832 053 or email davidg@spirotechgroup.co.uk for more information.

400 Series Sludge dewatering compactorSpirotech’s 400 Series Sludge Dewatering Compactor at the 2105 ADBA exhibition at the NEC

More about ABDA

ADBA was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit organisation representing businesses in the anaerobic digestion sector, to help remove the barriers to growth currently faced by the industry and to promote the benefits of AD to the UK. ABDA want to realise the potential of the AD industry, and allow the sector to deliver energy security and economic growth – in waste management, farming, transport and food processing, among others – while also combating climate change.

ADBA work with industry, government, NGOs, media, professional bodies, the public, and its members to promote and develop AD, and to tackle AD issues across the UK. They draw on the expertise of their members to allow them to deal with the latest issues, and anticipate and act on any potential problems or opportunities, before feeding directly into the policy-making process.

For more information visit adbioresources.org