Waste compactors that won’t crush your budget

Spirotech-SRD’s new range of highly efficient waste compactors are bang up to the minute in terms of crushing and cleaning. Able to cope with all types of waste from cardboard to paint cans, the Spirotech team has designed this series for maximum ease of use. 

Waste Compactors - Revolution 400 - Spirotech-SRDSpirotech-SRD’s highly efficient Revolution 400 waste compactor

Easy clean and super safe

The Revolution range is powered by an energy efficient drive incorporating a specially designed screw system that will happily deal with extracting fluids from full cans and bottles, whilst the bespoke control panel allows you to set the right amount of compaction for the product. Large panels have a quick-release mechanism for easy access cleaning and an automatic security coded lockout for super safe handling. 

Waste Compactors - Revolution 400 - Spirotech-SRDA screw system that will happily deal with extracting fluids from full cans and bottles

Waste Compactor Revolution 400 - Spirotech-SRDSet the right amount of compaction for the product

Revolution Waste Compactors – Features

  • Unique screw design
  • Compacts almost any compressible material
  • Fast throughput
  • Compaction ratio up to 60:1
  • Liquid reclaim
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Robust proven design

Revolution Waste Compactors – Cost savings benefits

  • Reduced number of bins/storage required to store densified waste
  • Reduced number of bin rentals
  • Less cleaning and storage space is required
  • Smaller waste container systems can sometimes be used with Revolution e.g. 1100 Euro bins
  • No additional bags/sacks are required to hold compacted waste

See it in action!

Whether you want to hire a compactor for a short or long term, or purchase one from our range, a demonstration of a Revolution waste compactor by Spirotech-SRD at your premises will give you all the information you need. And our monthly payment and service plan will take a weight off your mind.

Watch our video and read more details about the Revolution range.

Arrange a demonstration now by calling Spirotech on +44 (0)1487 832053 or email sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk