An intensive four week installation at a world leading mineral and china clay processing plant has recently been completed by Spirotech’s installation team, with the plant continuing to operate as normal during the install.

The Spirotech designed and built works consisted of a new mild steel silo, steel frame, hoppers and stainless steel pipework to blow the product bentonite the 150 metres from the externally situated silo into the internal factory area housing the structural framework, hoppers and conveyors.

Framework built in-situ 

The 13 metre high structural steel framework with integral staircases was constructed in-situ between live and running conveyors, and houses the receiving hopper for product entering the area via the stainless steel blow line connected to the external silo. Following this stage the product, having been delivered by tanker to the silo, is moved by screw conveyor and mixed with china clay as it enters the moving conveyor beds. The 10 metre high silo is fitted with a bespoke aeration system to ensure free flow of the product along the pipework.

Coastal location provides its own challenging conditions

The kaolin producing plant is located in Cornwall, UK and in an enviable spot, but at just 10 metres from the sea front caused its own set of difficulties as the sea elements and high winds made crane manoeuvring more challenging than usual. But not a problem for Spirotech’s experienced team whose installation work takes them to some exceptional locations.

A team to rely on

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