Early last year the Spirotech team installed a 50m3 carbon steel silo along with accompanying structures, tank and conveyors as part of a major lime system project for a new energy and recycling facility in Yorkshire. The lime system is now fully commissioned, and is part of a complete new facility which includes anaerobic digesters, a sludge reception plant, a sludge thickening and storage plant, CHP and dual fuel boilers, sludge dewatering, lime treatment, cake storage and a new liquor treatment plant.

Lime system technology – committing to renewable energy  

Where possible UK businesses are looking towards updating with renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions and benefit the environment. The technology behind the new water authority plant uses anaerobic digestion which heats up sludge to produce a bio-gas. This can then be used to generate electricity thus helping the facility to become self-sufficient energy wise.

Spirotech’s lime system silo for holding quicklime was designed to transfer the quicklime into a stainless steel sludge mix tank via a tubular screw conveyor and precision metering feeder to accurately add equal quantities of quicklime with equal quantities of sludge in order to raise pH and achieve the desired kill rate of the pathogens. Spirotech also manufactured and supplied the free-standing stair tower and high-pressure compressor packages, housed in GRP weather-proof enclosures.

The carbon steel silo and accompanying structures, tank and conveyors were manufactured at Spirotech’s Cambridgeshire factory in accordance with water authority specific compliances, with the specialised installation being carried out by Spirotech’s installation team.

Proven competency within the water industry

Spirotech Group has built up a strong reputation for proven high quality technology design, build and installation competency within the water industry. If you would like more information about Spirotech Group’s products and services please contact the sales team on tel: +44 (0)1487 832 053 or email: sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk