The past year has been challenging enough but for Spirotech one project drew on all of its engineers expertise as five 3 ton vessels required craning and lowering underfloor to an excavated site.

Replacing and renewing vessels for UK water treatment plants is a regular part of Spirotech’s business and this particular work at the Leatherhead site required the five vessels to be installed 15ft underground. This involved excavating the side of an embankment and craning the vessels in to place by lowering them firstly onto a metal base before jacking them up to wheel into the building, which beforehand had been adapted by the Spirotech team to remove walls and strengthen the flooring.

Overseen by Spirotech’s Site Manager 

Health & Safety is paramount in Spirotech’s industry and in addition to having their own AP for designing lift plans, the group’s Site Manager is responsible for overseeing the complete operation – from sourcing cranes and forklifts to securing accommodation for the team and detailing the safety requirements for the operators and contractors working on site. 

The mild steel mixing tanks with stainless steel pipework, designed and manufactured by Spirotech, form part of a refurbishing project that Spirotech has carried out for the water treatment works during the pandemic lockdown. And just to add an extra challenge to this niche job, the whole of Leatherhead was on a temporary water supply so work had to be carried out very quickly to enable the plant to continue operating uninterrupted. An intense but very satisfying project which completed smoothly. 

Although working throughout the pandemic has not been ideal, as ever the Spirotech team of designers, engineers and installers have not slowed down and their years of experience has them profoundly prepared for challenging circumstances and projects.

A team to rely on

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