The Directors at Spirotech Group are very pleased to announce that Muhammad Yasir, one of their MIG & TIG coded welders in 6G, has passed exams to become a Level 2 Welding Inspector CSWIP 3.1. enabling him to join the QA/QC department.

Muhammad has been a welder fabricator at Spirotech since 2012 when he joined the company, at that stage already holding the Level 1 Visual Inspector certificate CSWIP 3.0.

Developing and learning ensures growth within the company  

Forging a career and developing engineering knowledge are an important aspect of Spirotech’s ethos and when Muhammad approached Director Russell Gadsby in 2018 with a view to further training Spirotech were only too happy to encourage his studying. This was carried out during evenings and weekends at TWI (The Welding Institute) in Cambridge – where Muhammad had studied for his Level 1 certificate. 

The new role as a welding inspector means that Muhammad becomes involved in the supervision and surveillance of welding activities both at Spirotech’s factory and on-site. Welding inspection is a quality assurance process used to evaluate and test characteristics of a weld and also to check that the welder working on a project has the correct qualification to carry out that particular weld. Level 2 certification also allows the preparation of clients’ documents and reporting to WPS standard.

Welding excellence – looking to the future 

Muhammad, originally from Pakistan, has 20 years of welding experience and honed his skills at a company in Spain. He carried out the studying for his initial certificate at TWI, travelling from Belgium to Cambridge at weekends. Muhammad is very methodical and he is especially proud of his welding skills, likening his finished projects to ‘a piece of art’. He is now looking forward to gaining a further two more years experience at Level 2 which will enable him to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a Level 3 Senior Welding Inspector.

The dedication that Muhammad has shown leaves Spirotech in no doubt that he will. 

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