Spirotech manufacturing facilities diagram

Spirotech have recognised the value of carrying out 98% of all our engineering requirements in house. This has led us to invest heavily in plant, equipment and personnel to ensure that we can offer services and finished equipment that our competitors cannot.


  • Laser profile cutting machine up to 25mm
  • CNC press brake, 3m bed / 100 tone 8 axes
  • CNC punch. 1500mm throat capacity
  • Tubular cutting, drilling, deburring and rolling
  • Bead & shot blasting
  • Plate rolling facilities
  • High definition plasma cutting
  • High temperature painting facility
  • Full machine shop facilities
  • Overhead crane lifting to 10 tonne
  • Parts and goods despatch facility
  • Specialist edge deburring for medical and catering products
  • Shot blast finishing of components in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • MIG & TIG welding and manual metal arc equipment to various coded standards
  • Supply of helical screw flights up to 1600mm diameter, 30mm thick

40,000 square feet factory

Spirotech-SRD factory facility

Spirotech-SRD large workshop areaLarge workshop area allows multiple simultaneous projects

Overhead crane lifting to 10 tonne

Spirotech-SRD - Large testing facilityLarge testing facility area

Spirotech-SRD head office in Sawtry, CambridgeshireSpirotech head office personnel in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire

‘Rapid build’ program

Our recently instigated ‘rapid build’ program allows us to put each department to work within hours of receiving an order. From purchasing through to design, each area is tasked with turning a project into reality. We are confident in our approach that ‘the buck stops here’ and we don’t blame sub-contractors.

Spirotech-SRD pressure vessels

Recent ‘Rapid build’ projects:

  • Spirotech recently designed and built two 40.000 litre stainless steel pressure vessels under the ‘rapid build’ program. Read more
  • Spirotech’s experienced teams completed two new 4.9m diameter x 16m tall carbon steel silos for a Hull-based energy company within record time by utilising every aspect of its sophisticated ‘rapid build’ program. Read more

Video of Spirotech’s screw flight press in action!


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