Environmental safety at the forefront of Spirotech York’s silo safe filling system

Spirotech York’s team of engineers have recently retro-fitted their bespoke in-house designed Ground Level Testing (GLT) system to two silos at the Wheal Jane Mine in Cornwall. The silo upgrade project included fitting new filter/venting units, new pressure sensors, new pressure release valves, new silo fill pipe modifications complete with shut-off valves and new silo fill panels and took just under two weeks to complete. 

The GLT carries out pre-checks to the silo pressure relief valve, high level probe and pressure monitor prior to commencement of tanker discharge and these checks can be made by the driver via the tanker’s silo fill control panel. The system operates at ground level, reducing the need to physically gain access to the silo roof level and thereby minimising the working at height risks.

Gavin Morgan, Spirotech York’s Maintenance, Service & Spares Manager commented:

As well as fitting our GLT system to new silos we can also retro-fit to just about any existing silo within reason. With environmental safety issues such a current topic it makes sense to know the status of your silo and be assured that everything’s working correctly before filling begins and minimising the risk of any dust emissions entering the atmosphere and doing the best to help keep the environment dust and chemical free.” 

The competitively priced GLT system is deemed to be beneficial from both an environmental and a health and safety point of view. Read how Spirotech’s GLT system checks the level probe, pressure sensor, pressure relief valve and filter venting units.

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