Ground Level Testing for Silo Safety

Spirotech York’s Ground Level Testing Facility carries out pre-checks to the silo pressure relief valve, high level probe and pressure monitor prior to commencement of tanker discharge.

The facility is designed to carry out functionality checks of the equipment fitted to the silo roof prior to tanker filling and will ensure your silo and environment is kept safe at all times during the tanker filling process. Reducing the need to physically gain access to the silo roof level to check the operation of pressure relief valves, level probes and pressure monitors therefore minimises the working at height risks. 

It is now practical to monitor the silo filtration and to test the silo protection equipment fitted to the silo roof from ground level via the tanker driver silo fill control panel prior to each delivery of material as follows:

High Level: The test facility simulates high level being reached within the silo and that the level probe is functioning correctly.

Pressure Sensor: The test facility checks that the pressure sensor is working correctly and is not damaged or blocked.

Pressure Relief Valve: The PRV is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder and a positional switch which allows the PRV to fully extend and fully close to ensure the PRV is functionally correctly.

Filter Venting Unit: A digital indicator incorporated into the silo fill panel shows the pressure in the silo during the filling operation and if there is a significant increase on the digital reading this may suggest that the filter media may need changing.

Should any of the above be in an alarm state then the system will not allow the tanker filling to commence until the alarm is cleared. During the tanker discharge it will also monitor for high level or high pressure and if an alarm occurs, warning klaxon and lights will activate to advise the tanker operator to stop filling until the alarm is clear.

Retro-fit Spirotech York’s Ground Level Testing Facility to an existing silo

The system can be retro-fitted to an existing silo and although this system is not mandatory it is deemed to be beneficial from a health and safety point of view.

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