Once upon a time all the waste in the world was….well, just wasted. But that was long ago and now all the waste from food, agriculture, plastics, papers, glass and metals can be turned into renewable, ecological energy for heat, fuel, fertilizer and clean water, such as in the project that Spirotech are currently working on at a waste recycling plant in Scotland.

Working towards a greener waste recycling future

Keen to be involved in producing towards a greener future, the hoppers and conveyors were designed and manufactured at Spirotech’s Head Office facility in Cambridgeshire, before the massive machinery load was transported north – the last part of the journey completed with a police escort in Scotland.  

The installation of the two 30m3 hoppers and nine screw conveyors inside the recycling plant is tight due to the low roof pitch, with just five metres of headspace in which to manoeuvre the crane positioning the linked screw conveyors.

There’s more to come…

At present the installation is half way through – watch this space for the full story and product details once the installation is completed.

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