The town of Thrapston made national news headlines last November when its statue of the silent soldier was vandalised just a few days after Remembrance Sunday. 

A very disappointed community set about forming a fundraising campaign to replace the statue. However Will Gadsby, Design Engineer at Spirotech Group in Sawtry, immediately volunteered to make and donate a new statue to replace the vandalised one.

Work on the new painted steel statue, similar to one that Spirotech had made for another local town war memorial two years earlier, was soon underway.

A striking reminder once more

In the end, four new statues were generously donated by people and a total of nearly £5,000 was also raised. As the money was not needed for the statues it was decided to make a new permanent memorial with the names of all war veterans from Thrapston, and this was unveiled on 27th April.

Thanks to the good work of Will and Spirotech’s donation, the statue and surroundings form a striking reminder once more.