Spirotech has recently designed, manufactured and installed a stainless steel skirted silo for a major confectionary company.

Stainless steel skirted silo - Spirotech-SRD

The skirted silo has a nominal working capacity of 95m3 to store approximately 66 tonnes of flour and is suitable for being pneumatically filled by pressurised road tankers utilising an on board blower.

The silo is insulated and clad, and a dehumidifier provides dry air which is pumped into the silo headspace to maintain a stable storage conditions.

Necessary explosion protection for flour product

As flour is capable of forming explosive atmospheres due to the presence of combustible dust in cloud form, the silo is equipped with explosion protection in the form of explosion venting at roof level. All ancillary equipment fitted to the silo is ATEX certified.

A local silo fill panel is provided, adjacent to the silo fill point, containing control and indication equipment as required for operation by the tanker driver during silo filling.

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