Large pressure vessel manufactured by Spirotech Group Ltd

Spirotech was commissioned in late 2019 to design, manufacture and deliver a chemical dump tank in early 2020 – a tight timescale given the size, weight and complex design criteria. However, Spirotech’s engineers weren’t phased by this task and rose to the challenge. 

Rapid build program

To ensure hitting the clients deadline the vessel was manufactured at Spirotech’s Cambridgeshire factory in just under 8 weeks by utilising its fast and efficient 24/7 ‘rapid build program’. Given the high level of inspection required for PED 5500 the vessel was subject to material verification, NDT inspection including radiography, and a high pressure hydrotest using over 120.000 litres of water.

The specifications included:

  • Size – 4.1 meter diameter 12 meters overall height.
  • Thickness – 15mm complete with vacuum rings
  • Material of construction – carbon steel boiler plate
  • Capacity – 120.000 litres
  • Dry weight – 22.5 tons

Installation by Spirotech’s client is well underway and is planned to be operational in mid-February. 

More information

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