By adding a silo explosion vent system, Spirotech York Ltd has been instrumental in bringing the Scottish based arm of one of the world’s largest food and beverage company’s silos up to date to comply with today’s regulations

By designing, manufacturing and installing a new silo explosion vent system, Spirotech York Ltd – the Service and Maintenance division of Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd – was able to supply the best option available other than the very costly option of complete silo replacement.

silo explosion vent systemSilo explosion vent system arrives at Scottish facility

Silo explosion vent system brings silos up to current standards

Compliance with today’s regulations required the existing six, large silos to be brought up to the current standard by removing the existing silo vent lids which were showing signs of corrosion and installing new stainless steel housings in place which contained the latest up to date proprietary explosion panels correctly sized for the purpose. The silos themselves are enclosed inside a building with the vent outlets positioned outside due to the nature of the products stored. Read more about explosion relief on the HSE website
The new panels will burst open in the event of an explosion in the silo allowing the internal pressure to be released with minimum structural effect on the storage vessel. Burst indication switches are installed on the panels to advise of a panel failure. The installation was undertaken during a recent factory shutdown and was completed from start to finish in under five days ensuring the silos were ready for production start-up on the following week.

Team credentials include planning for lift operations

The six new stainless steel housings were delivered by road to Scotland from Spirotech’s manufacturing plant in Cambridgeshire and a specialist crane was brought in to lift the equipment into position. Although challenging, Spirotech’s team credentials, including planning for lift operations and creating logistically smooth transitions, allowed the operation to be undertaken safely and efficiently and within the required time frame.

silo explosion vent system

Specialist crane brought in to manoeuvre vents into position



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