Spirotech-SRD Group were approached by a major energy supplier to manufacture 20 off replacement screws for a planned shutdown.

The only problem was time, as the screws were required in under 4 weeks to meet the window of installation. However, Spirotech’s team of engineers were not fazed by this and agreed that this could be done to the time schedule. The engineers, working closely with the production team, assigned the job to Spirotech’s ‘Rapid-build’ program within hours of receiving the order.

Conveyor screws - rapid build project
Conveyor screws - rapid build project
Conveyor screws - rapid build project

‘Rapid-build’ program delivers on time

Spirotech’s innovative ‘Rapid-build’ program directs each department to work within hours of a time-sensitive order being placed, from purchasing through to design, each area is tasked in turning the project into reality. 

For this particular project production staff were scheduled and materials organised on a just-in-time basis. The screws were completed and QA inspected in 18 days and have now been delivered to site awaiting installation by Spirotech’s client.

The highly skilled staff at Spirotech, working with the state-of-the-art machinery required to produce such product, ensured this job happened on time. Spirotech’s flight press machine, the only one of a kind in northern Europe, ensures flights are pressed quickly, accurately and to a high standard every time.

The Spirotech-SRD advantage

The Spirotech screw flight press doesn’t use ‘pitch dependent forming dies’ but a system of interchangeable hardened plates that produce a flight helix of unprecedented quality regardless of the pitch, outside diameter, inside diameter, material or feature. The same plates produce both right hand and left hand helical screw flights, tapered flights on parallel shaft or tapered flights on a tapered shaft.

An integral component of the screw flight press is the accurate calculation of the flight blank. Our program allows us to input your finished flight parameters and the cutting sizes for the flat flight blank are instantaneously calculated. The results are displayed graphically on the screen and saved to transfer to the cutting machine.
Perfect screw flights all the time – every time.

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