Spirotech-SRD has recently played host to an intern from one of GB’s neighbouring countries. Sacha Bellamy, an engineering student from France, spent 3 months working at Spirotech’s Head Office in Sawtry whilst living in Cambridge.

Sacha Bellamy, an engineering student from France

Sacha has compiled a very interesting and readable report of his time spent in England – detailing his varied work experience at the cutting edge of engineering design and manufacture and, in addition, has added an interesting section of the cultural and work differences he noted during his stay.

A reciprocal arrangement

Sacha started out in Spirotech’s busy office where he translated a 26 page operating manual for screw conveyors into French – helpful for Sacha to learn new engineering words and expressions and also helpful for the Spirotech team.

The project Sacha worked on was to design and manufacture a screw conveyor which he studied alongside his assigned mentor, discussing components and measurements with engineers prior to producing drawings on AUTOCAD. Sacha then spent a few weeks in each of the various departments at Spirotech to follow the manufacturing and testing processes.

Vive la différence!

Part of Sacha’s report focusses on the cultural differences he found – both in the workplace and in daily life.

It makes a fascinating read!