Currently on its way for installation in Chicago is an innovatively designed railed screw conveyor system for a prestigious US petrochemical plant.

Stainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyorStainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyor for US petrochemical plant
The US company, highly regarded in its field, commissioned the system upgrade from Spirotech-SRD in December last year. Due to the clients scheduled shutdown date our engineers flew out to Chicago at short notice to survey the existing plant and meet the engineering team ensuring all specifications were met. Designed by Spirotech’s experienced team using the latest 3D CAD software, the drawings were produced in January this year and went straight into production at Spirotech’s 40,000 square feet engineering plant in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Fast turnaround, unique features

Working closely together, Spirotech’s design engineers and manufacturing team completed this project within an exceptionally fast turnaround time, no mean feat as the cantilevered screw conveyor boasts some very unique features:

  • The bespoke rail design allows for the base of the conveyor to retract which enables easy withdrawal to assist with cleaning, maintenance and servicing – an exceptionally useful feature where space permits and ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • The central stack is made of Grade 2 titanium – a metal highly prized for its strength, robustness and high corrosion resistance yet lightness of weight when compared to steel. 


Highly specialised titanium welding skills

Russell Gadsby, Spirotech’s Production Director, adds,

Spirotech is one of only a handful of manufacturing companies in the UK that now has the welding procedures in place to weld exotic metals such as titanium. We are proud to have the specialised skill force that enables us to produce extremely high quality welding to often very demanding deadlines.

Conveyors arrive in Chicago

Conveyors arrive in Chicago on time and to budget.

More information

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