Spirotech-SRD Group were recently commissioned to produce two 120,000 litre stainless steel whisky vessels for a large beverage company located in Scotland.

Two 120,000 litre stainless steel whisky vesselsWhisky vessels leaving the Cambridgeshire facility

The vessels were produced simultaneously at Spirotech’s head office in Cambridgeshire in just under 8 weeks. Due to the very high standards within the food and beverage industry the vessels were subject to forensic levels of inspection at every stage, which meant material verification and NDT inspection including radiography of all welds.

Passivation tests

Once the vessels had been tested and chemically cleaned out, the internal surfaces were then subject to a number of passivation tests to verify the cleanliness before dispatch.

Ready for the holiday season

The vessels have now arrived safely in Scotland and are in the process of being installed ready for the Christmas demand.