Spirotech flight press - now supply flights up to 1600mm diameter, 30mm thick

Spirotech has recently purchased and installed one of the largest 360º single piece screw flights pressing machines in Northern Europe and can now offer screw flights up to 1600mm diameter in 30mm thick material.

Interchangeable hardened plates

The complete system uses interchangeable hardened plates that produce a screw flight helix of unprecedented quality regardless of the pitch, outside diameter, inside diameter, material or feature. The same plates produce both right hand and left hand helical screw flights.

Spirotech-SRD Screw Flight Press

Consistent outcomes every time

The machine will calculate, and set, the applicable outputs for pressure and gaps ensuring consistent production of screw flights all of the time – every time.

Spirotech screw flight press - now supply screw flights up to 1600mm diameter, 30mm thick

Contact Spirotech-SRD now for a competitive quote

If you’ve struggled to find a supplier of large screw flights in the UK please contact Spirotech’s Production Director Russell Gadsby on +44 (0) 1487 832 053 or email: russell@spirotechgroup.co.uk for a competitive quote for your project.