Mark Bulbrook, Spirotech Group’s Business Development and Sales Engineer speaks about his first few months at Spirotech and his plans for generating and developing UK and worldwide accounts.

Mark Bulbrook - Business Development for Spirotech Group

My entire working life has been in engineering. As a time-served apprentice I’ve learnt the ropes from the ground up, gaining an in-depth understanding of all aspects of fabrication, welding, inspections and quality control, through to budget and project planning and purchasing – and that understanding has put me in good stead for my current sales and development role with the Spirotech Group”.

In my role as Business Development Engineer I’ll be focussing my attention on building relationships with customers old and new and, although a large proportion of my focus will be on the UK, I’m currently working with customers in USA and projects in Romania, Croatia and Cyprus. Spirotech supply worldwide so as well as developing new business I’ll also be keen to see what other areas we can diversify into, especially within Europe and the Middle East”.

Water industry expertise

Much of Mark’s expertise to date has been working with customers in the water industry. Mark continues,

I look forward to continuing to work in that sector and introducing some of those companies to Spirotech’s products and services. Basically, my strengths are in relationship building and technical knowledge, finding the best and most economical solution to my customers requirements or problems is my forte. I like visiting customers – good liaison is key to establishing good relationships and I’m happy with the way my first few months with the Spirotech Group are proceeding. Looking forward to the future!”.

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