Spirotech has successfully completed a soda ash system upgrade for a leading sugar producer to upgrade its existing effluent treatment plant. The project brief was to replace the existing soda ash silo and screw conveyor which feeds the clients soda ash make up tank.

Spirotech designed and manufactured a single storage silo in record time for the reception and bulk storage of soda ash. Manufactured from carbon steel with a nominal working capacity of 79m3 to store approximately 75 tonnes of product, the silo is suitable for being pneumatically filled by a pressurised road tanker utilising an on-board blower. In addition, the silo had a vibratory bin activator fitted to the cone outlet to prevent bridging and provide a consistent discharge of product.

As the silo is installed on load cells a continuous indication of silo contents is provided, together with the facility for high and low level interlock set points. To maintain stable storage conditions within the silo, dehumidified air is blown into the silo headspace.

Spirotech’s special system for meeting short deadlines

Spirotech’s team of designers, engineers and installers are used to working to tight deadlines and to this end Spirotech has developed its ‘rapid build’ program to ensure that critical deadlines are met. This particular project was completed to coincide with the clients seasonal sugar campaign and was designed, manufactured, delivered and installed in 12 weeks.

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