Spirotech-SRD’s silo maintenance service.

It’s often the case that silo and powder handling systems, which tend to be out of sight and out of mind, get neglected in the course of the year where maintenance is concerned. This can lead to unnecessary and expensive production loss, not to mention health and safety and environmental issues.

So why not take advantage of Spirotech’s silo maintenance and repair service facility to ensure that your powder handling system is running at its optimum efficiency all year round? Our skilled service department can provide a full turnkey solution to all your powder handling requirements, whether it’s just a simple filter service or a total refurbishment project, we are happy to help.

Silo maintenance regimeSilo filter system before maintenance

Silo maintenance regimeSilo filter system after maintenance

Regular maintenance reduces disruption

Regular planned maintenance of filter systems will ensure that tanker discharge times are kept to a minimum, which will also help to reduce disruption due to vehicle movements on site.

Environmental issues, such as dust emissions to atmosphere due to poorly maintained systems, can also be avoided – as can potential vessel damage on poorly maintained silos due to over pressurisation during tanker filling.

With Spirotech’s regular maintenance service to your plant all these issues can be easily avoided and will ensure a clean and safe environment for all.

Out of sight out of mind!

Silo maintenance regimeDoes the top of your silo look like this?

Does the top of your silo look like this? Are you emitting dust clouds during tanker delivery?

Spirotech’s specially developed Ground Level Testing System ensures that your facility never has to deal with these issues again. The GLT will ensure that all equipment is in good working order before tanker filling commences and the system monitors silo level and pressure during tanker discharging. This ensures that no overpressure or over filling occurs causing these issues to arise.

Silo maintenance regimeSpirotech’s specially developed Ground Level Testing System

Call now for a free survey

Our ‘easy to operate’ system can be retro-fitted to most silo systems with minimal disruption to your plant. For a free survey of your silo maintenance and safety systems please do hesitate to contact our Group Service and Maintenance Manager on 01904 799291 or email stevet@spirotechgroup.co.uk