Spirotech-SRD, global leaders in the bulk materials handling industry, look forward to welcoming you this week to Stand No 19 at BULKEX16.


Taking place on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October at the Harrogate International Centre. This major exhibition and conference is aimed at professionals, organisations and academics from across the bulk and materials handling industry.

Free to attend – a great chance to network

This free to attend event will give you access to what’s new in materials handling, a series of engaging presentations and the chance to network with key suppliers and representatives from across the sector.

You can register NOW for your free tickets.

Demonstrating our vertical canted-flight screw conveyor

More than 50 exhibitors are set to showcase their products and services and the Spirotech team will be demonstrating its innovative vertical canted flight screw conveyor. This exciting new Spirotech-developed product will move goods upwards via a space-saving conveyor system. Suitable for all goods which can be conveyed through a normal screw conveyor, the canted flight can run at steeper angles and at a much slower speed so less damage can occur to the product. And with the overall equipment taking up less space the canted flight screw conveyor will be a boon for many industries.

Canted flight screw conveyor - Spirotech-SRD GroupVertical canted flight screw conveyor

Prestigious speakers

A line-up of prestigious speakers will include some of the industry’s most recognisable and leading figures. Listen to presentations from these and other leading industry speakers including: 

  • Stephen Dryden, Commercial Director, Aggregate Industries Overseas Division
  • Martin Downey, Bulk Terminal and Operational Engineering Director, The Bristol Port Company
  • Chris Griffin, Business Development Manager, Peel Ports
  • Michael Mitchell, Pre-Contracts Director for the Civil Engineering Division of GRAHAM Construction
  • Mike Bradley, The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich.

For more information about any of Spirotech’s products and services call Spirotech-SRD sales on +44 (0)1487 832 053 or email: sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you there!