Spirotech has just completed, delivered and installed a second huge silo for a leading paint production company based in the UK.

The 120m3 silo assembly, part of a project to replace two smaller silos with larger capacity silos, was manufactured at Spirotech’s main facilities complex in Cambridgeshire before being transported to the North of England, where Spirotech’s York based team completed the installation.

Minimal disruption

Work was carried out over a weekend to minimise disruption as cranes extracted the old silos which were laid down in the yard before proceeding to install the new large silos. Spirotech was able to take and reuse the associated equipment as it is still in good order. The move to replace the company’s existing silos has resulted in vastly increased capacity enabling the storage of more product.

Spirotech-SRD complete second silo for paint production companyInstallation of final larger capacity silo

Silos for clients across the country

Spirotech are currently working on several silo projects including a third silo for the same paint company, a silo for a leading manufacturer of architectural masonry products based in Burton on Trent and for a client based in Tamworth.

If you would like more details about silos and holding vessels designed and built by Spirotech please contact Spirotech’s Sales Team on T. +44 (0)1487 832 053 or by email: sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk