Spirotech-SRD Group has successfully completed the first stage of the design and manufacture of 24 screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new power station biomass conversion project.

Screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new biomass conversion project.Screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new biomass conversion project.
The scope of works for the biomass conversion project included 12 ATEX rated loss in weight screw conveyors to handle biomass wood pellets. These conveyors were designed, manufactured and tested entirely by Spirotech-SRD to be pressure shock resistant to 1 barg in accordance with BS EN 14460. Due to the arduous duty and nature of wood pellets, other design features included heavy duty casings, Hardox flights, tapered centre tube to give an even draw down of material, and shaft mounted gearboxes with high service factors to give low maintenance and long service life.

Biomass conversion project – explosive properties expertly handled

As the dust from wood pellets has explosive properties, the screw conveyors were designed and tested to withstand a pressure shock resistance of 1.1bar g in the event of an explosion. The screw conveyors were also fitted with a bespoke outboard bearing and seal arrangement to ensure longevity of a dust tight seal.

Versatile in-house abilities

Due to Spirotech’s in-house ability to manufacture both ATEX screw conveyors and pressure vessels to the Pressure Equipment Directive PD5500, Spirotech was also awarded the contract to manufacture and test 12 third-party designed high pressure injector screw conveyors for the biomass conversion project.

These injector screw conveyors where designed to PED5500 and pressure tested to 22bar g, therefore third-party pressure testing and NDT testing was also required, with all welding carried out in-house by Spirotech’s highly skilled coded welders. Due to the design parameters, high tolerance components and short timescale, the project proved challenging but has once again proved that Spirotech-SRD Group are able to offer versatile manufacturing techniques to cater for every application.

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