Spirotech has successfully completed a contract to install an improved electrical safety system at a nuclear decommissioning site. The system is designed to provide protection primarily to personnel in the event of a short circuit or any failure of the HV electrical cable joints on site.

Spirotech's safety system is successfully installed at Sellafield nuclear decommissioning site

Tom Ottmann, equipment engineer for Sellafield Ltd, said:

Safety and security are our overriding priorities at Sellafield. The successful installation of this system will enhance protections for people working with electrical cabling on our site. It was a challenging job that required careful planning and preparation and I’m delighted with how well the installation went – it was a smooth and easy process.

 Safety first for demanding situations

This year marks 40 years since Spirotech began trading and the company is now ranked a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of the world’s most advanced and safest bulk handling systems.

Supporting onshore and offshore customers in over 80 countries, Spirotech’s robust solutions focus on safety, quality and operational performance and, by employing its ‘rapid build’ program when required, can be replied upon to meet critical deadlines.

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