Latest Spirotech silo installation project 

Spirotech Group has maintained a strong output throughout these unusual coronavirus times and a recently installed project is a 40m3 capacity storage silo for polymers at a major UK wastewater treatment plant. Spirotech designed and manufactured the silo for the treatment plant which primarily use polymers in the sludge drying process to help congeal small pieces of biosolids into larger ones.

Indication of silo contents 

The system comprises of a mild steel storage silo with a storage capacity of 40m3. The silo is skirted to create a weather proof enclosure in the base and is suitable for bulk tanker filling. Fitted with a reverse jet cleaned filter unit for venting the tanker conveying air, the silo is installed on load cells which provide a continuous indication of silo contents together with the facility for high and low level interlock set points.

Safety first 

In addition to the weighing equipment the silo is fitted with a level probe for high level contents detection and pressure transmitter, which is used to detect silo overfilling and over-pressurising respectively. This is connected to an audible and visible alarm on the local silo filling control panel and an automatic shut off valve on the inlet pipe.

Additional features 

A dehumidifier pumps dry air into the silo headspace above the level of the stored material, and discharge is aided by means of an aeration system, a single low pressure blower which will operate whenever the screw conveyor is discharging product to the downstream equipment.

Why choose Spirotech? 

Spirotech has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing silo storage solutions for handling various grades of polymer. Please call our sales team on  +44 (0)1487 832 053 or email: