Spirotech-SRD appoint new Installations Manager

Spirotech’s strategic expansion plans have been further enhanced with the appointment of a new Installations Manager, based at the company’s Service, Spares & Maintenance office in York. Jonathan Burrows, who joined the group in April, has an impressive 40 year track record handling all aspects of silo installation and related engineering works.

Installation Manager for Spirotech-SRD

Jonathan Burrows joins Spirotech-SRD as Installations Manager

Special interest in Approved Crane Lifting Planning

Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of bulk materials handling services, gaining his experience working for notable companies in the field. From the shop floor to sales and project planning, Jonathan’s skills encompass various different aspects of engineering but with a special expert interest in Approved Crane Lifting Planning. Jonathan has worked across the globe and has experience of installations working in both Europe and India.

Jonathan commented,

I’ve watched Spirotech’s progress for some time and I am delighted to be part of this growing company. Spirotech has a reputation for finding solutions that other bulk materials handling companies would find difficult and I think that’s in part to their foresight and dedication in keeping up with the latest advances in technology.

Jonathan, who lives in York, will be planning and overseeing installations both in the UK and worldwide. A keen cyclist, relaxation for Jonathan would typically be a cool weekend cycle ride from Edinburgh to Newcastle.

Valuable resource

Russell Gadsby, Spirotech’s Production Director added,

We are especially pleased to welcome such an experienced player to our team. Jonathan has valuable experience in installation planning and his role, in utilising all of this experience, will be a major asset to the Spirotech group. We look forward to working with Jonathan and will wholeheartedly support him in whatever way we can.

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