Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd have installed two more Ground Level Testing Systems to Forticrete sites.

Spirotech SRD Group Ltd has installed two more of its Ground Level Testing Systems at the Anstone site of Forticrete Ltd. The systems have been installed on the two existing silos to protect the vessels before and during tanker discharge. The Forticrete sites at Shearstone, Matlock and Burton already have the systems in place and Spirotech are currently in negotiations with their one remaining site.

Ground Level Testing SystemsSpirotech’s Ground Level Testing Systems

No more silo over filling or overpressure issues

Since the systems have been installed there has been no silo over filling or overpressure issues, or dust emissions to atmosphere, making for a much cleaner safer working environment.

The Spirotech Ground Level Testing System carries out pre-checks to the silo pressure relief valve and high level probe and pressure monitor prior to commencement of tanker discharge. Should any of the above be in an alarm state then the system will not allow the tanker filling to commence until the alarm is cleared. During the tanker discharge it will also monitor for high level or high pressure and if an alarm occurs, warning klaxon and lights will activate to advise the tanker operator to stop filling until the alarm is clear.

Ground Level Silo Safety SystemSpirotech’s Ground Level Testing Systems

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