Spirotech-SRD bulk powder handling system increases handling efficiency for major recycling company 

Spirotech-SRD has recently designed, manufactured and installed a new bulk powder handling system, comprising of a storage silo and pneumatic conveying facility featuring state-of-the-art technology, for a major paper recycling company based in Halifax, South Yorkshire.

Complete turnkey solution

Spirotech-SRD supplied the bulk powder handling system as a complete turnkey solution, which included the design, project management, supply, manufacture, plant control system, delivery, mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning.
Minimizing waste, reducing costs & increasing environmental awareness are key to the recycling company’s ethos in buying and selling a wide range of materials, which they trade with companies around the world, and the new on-site bulk powder handling system has dramatically increased efficiency by allowing the company to bulk purchase and store powder on site.

Ground level test facility

The 50m3 silo holds 70 tons of Snocal (Calcium Carbonate) and is filled via pneumatic road tanks. The silo is fully compliant in line with the latest HSE requirements and features a silo auto shut off system to prevent over pressurising and over filling the silo. The silo is also fitted with Spirotech’s ingeniously designed ground level test facility to allow the pressure relief valve, high level probe and pressure transmitter to all be tested from ground level prior to each tanker delivery, negating the need for regular working at height maintenance activities. The silo cone is fitted with an aeration system to aid flow from the silo during material discharge and a screw conveyor to meter the Snowcal into the pneumatic conveying system.

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New receiving hopper

A lean phase pneumatic conveying system is provided to blow the calcium carbonate from the silo to a new receiving hopper inside the client’s plant room, 70 metres away from the silo. The material is then dosed into the clients existing mixer tank at a variable rate based on plant demands.
Lean phase pneumatic conveying technology is a very low cost effective way of transferring powders over long distances and was the key factor in offering a cost-effective solution on a limited budget, with the adding flexibility of locating the silo in the clients preferred location on a site where space was already very limited.


How can Spirotech help to improve your bulk handling?

If you’d like to know more about Spirotech’s full design, manufacture and installation of powder handling systems, silos, conveying equipment and GLT system, along with specialist silo service and maintenance care, please call Spirotech on +44 (0)1904 799291 or email sales@spirotechgroup.co.uk