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Horizontal PAC silo for water treatment site

Horizontal PAC silo for water treatment site

Spirotech York has just completed the installation of a horizontal PAC silo for a water treatment site in Ireland within three site days.

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Stainless steel screw conveyors for petrochemical plant

Stainless steel screw conveyors for overseas petrochemical plant

Spirotech-SRD has recently completed the design and build of two stainless steel screw conveyors for an overseas petrochemical plant. The stainless steel screw conveyors feature 8 metre single span screws, stainless steel 316L steam tracing, high quality drive components and polished internals to ensure optimum product handling.

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Titanium is top choice for railed screw conveyor

Stainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyor

Currently on its way for installation in Chicago is an innovatively designed railed screw conveyor system for a prestigious US petrochemical plant. Stainless steel and titanium acid cake screw conveyor for US petrochemical plant   The US company, highly regarded in its field, commissioned the system upgrade

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Fast turnaround for replacement conveyor screws

Conveyor screws - rapid build project

Spirotech-SRD Group were approached by a major energy supplier to manufacture 20 off replacement screws for a planned shutdown. The only problem was time, as the screws were required in under 4 weeks to meet the window of installation. However, Spirotech’s team of engineers were not fazed

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Design and manufacture of 24 screw conveyors for biomass conversion project

Screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new biomass conversion project

Spirotech-SRD Group has successfully completed the first stage of the design and manufacture of 24 screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new power station biomass conversion project.   Screw conveyors to be incorporated into a new biomass conversion project.   The scope of works for the

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Lime storage and handling system for South West Water

Lime storage and handling - Spirotech-SRD

Spirotech-SRD manufacture, supply and install lime storage and handling system for South West Water Following on from Spirotech-SRD Group’s successful service contract with South West Water to maintain its silo lime installations on over thirty sites, Spirotech was successful in winning a contract through one of its

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Skimmed milk plant extension for large multinational food company in York

Screw conveyor

Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd install new skimmed milk plant extension to large multinational food company in York.   Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd has installed an additional powder handling plant on an existing vessel to expand the capacity of a skimmed milk mixing system. The system was designed in-house by Spirotech’s

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Railed screw conveyor built in record time

Railed screw conveyor

Spirotech-SRD Group has just completed a railed screw conveyor for a renowned Far Eastern chemical company. The Spirotech-designed and manufactured conveyor was produced on a very short lead time in order to meet the client’s site requirements. The railed screw conveyor which is 650mm diameter and 9100mm

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Solve your auger issues!

Auger problems

Solve your auger issues! Do you suffer with poor after-sales service and back up on your budget screw conveyors? Do you struggle to get the spares when you need them rather than when the suppliers say you can have them? Do any of the problems below exist

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Spirotech deliver more ATEX compliant biomass dust screw conveyors

ATEX compliant biomass dust screw conveyors

Spirotech-SRD Group has just completed a further order for ATEX compliant biomass dust screw conveyors. The conveyors, designed to ATEX standards for the handling of biomass dust, are part of essential dust extraction and filtration systems which are being supplied by Spirotech’s customer, a major UK supplier

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Low maintenance pressurised screw conveyor for overseas market

Pressurised screw conveyor - Spirotech-SRD

Spirotech-SRD has recently built and delivered another high-end pressurised screw conveyor for its continuously expanding overseas market. This pressurised screw conveyor is designed to operate at 1.3 bar pressure (nitrogen) and also to contain any internal explosion. It has been designed for a conveying rate of 124

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Quad-core centreless screw conveyors ready for the Philippines

Quad-core centreless screw conveyors

Spirotech-SRD’s quad-core centreless screw conveyors, tested and readying for packing for their journey to the Philippines. This is the first two quad-core centreless screw conveyors of four units manufactured in stainless steel for the tobacco industry.

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Screw feed hopper assemblies for German granola products

no-feed screw conveyor assemblies

Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd has recently designed, built and delivered three screw feed hopper assemblies for the handling of slightly warm Granola products for a client in Germany.

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2nd stainless conveyor system for major pet food manufacturer

Stainless steel screw conveyors for pet food manufacturer

Spirotech-SRD have recently completed a stainless steel screw conveyor system for a major UK manufacturer. The machines will be handling various constituent ingredients used in the production of pet treats for a leading pet food manufacturer. This is the second order received by Spirotech-SRD Group Limited for

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Watch our latest screw flight press video

Screw flight press video

Spirotech-SRD Group has recently commissioned a short video demonstrating its new advanced screw flight press and explaining the benefits and advantages of the system. Spirotech can now supply high quality single-piece 360° screw flights in both small and large sizes at its production plant in the UK

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Spirotech-SRD Group – a proven giant in bulk handling

Spirotech-SRD - Screw Conveyors for Bulk materials handling products

Spirotech has a strong reputation for high quality design and manufacturing in the bulk handling industry and this was recognised last year when a major oil and gas company placed a £5.5m order for pressurised screw conveyors. High pressure, high temperature tubular screw conveyor To be delivered

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