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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators from Spirotech-SRD Group

Bucket elevators are a cost-effective solution used for the vertical transportation of bulk materials.

Spirotech SRD can manufacture a bucket elevator designed to suit your specific requirements based on the three main types of elevator, each with its own set of variations to suit specific product requirements.

Bucket elevators – Centrifugal discharge

  • The most common style of elevator which uses centrifugal force to discharge the product
  • High speed gives a small foot print relative to its capacity
  • Most commonly belt and bucket with chains used for higher temperature or granular products
  • Typical speed range from 1.2 to 2.0 m/s subject to product classification
  • Used for granular materials (<200 mesh) such as grain, raw meal, sand, crushed ores etc. and products that have a relatively small percentage of lumps.


Bucket elevators – Continuous or gravity discharge

  • The bucket design allows the product to flow down the back of the preceding bucket
  • Typical speeds 0.5 to 1.0 m/s
  • Due to the lower speed, the foot print is generally larger than that of a centrifugal elevator of the same capacity
  • The lower speed and style of bucket means that this style of elevator is less aggressive than the centrifugal type and so it is commonly used on friable materials. Larger buckets allow conveying of larger lumps or products with a higher percentage of lumps.


Bucket elevators – Positive discharge

  • A variation on gravity discharge where the chain passes over a snub sprocket positively emptying the bucket
  • Typical chain speeds 0.5 to 0.7 m/s
  • Twin strand chain with large buckets which allows it to convey increased lump size or light products
  • Used on light, lumpy or sticky materials.

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